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Investing in today’s market: A rough guide to Mutual funds

Types Of Mutual Funds

Types Of Mutual Funds

Learn about the different Types of Mutual Funds in this mutual fund tutorial. Which mutual fund is right for you?


Asset Allocation

Asset allocation refers to the division of your portfolio to different asset classes such as money-market securities, bonds, stocks and their appropriate subcategories. An asset allocation fund follows this principle by holding several asset categories. One of many Types Of Mutual Funds.

Investing, Confidentiality, and Internet Security

Investing internet security

There are several good articles that talk about various technical aspects of Internet security, including PGP, the Clipper Chip, and other topics. I will supply some pointers to those resources as is appropriate. But the main point of this article is to discuss why as an investor you should be concerned about privacy, what you can do today, and what you should beware of today.

Mutual funds are confusing, right? They don’t have to be, The basics explained

Basics of Mutual Funds

Basics of Mutual Funds

Before you invest in any mutual funds, take the time to set your own investment goals and objectives and then plan an investment strategy to meet those goals. Remember, you are aiming to build a portfolio of mutual funds that suits your needs and situation. You’ll need to decide how much risk you can afford to take and what your time horizon will be. How much you’ll need to invest, and how aggressive you’ll have to be in putting your money to work, will depend on a number of factors: how much money you have available to invest; what financial goals you hope to attain with the funds you’re investing; when you need to tap your investments; and, finally, how comfortable you are with risk. Now let’s discuss the basics of Mutual Funds.