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Diamonds are forever, choose wisely: Here’s how

Choosing a Diamond

Where to begin when Choosing a Diamond

The first and most important thing to consider when Choosing a Diamond, is where you are getting the diamond.  Don’t just settle for a Diamond based on just what your first jewelry store has in stock.  With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect diamond that’s right for you can be overwhelming. Consider the following step-by-step guide for choosing a diamond. We put together this diamond guide to help you with your selection.

Pokemon Go Players – Learning which Pokemon to Keep – Pokemon IV

Pokemon IV

Pokemon Go players must read about Pokemon IV. Most Players evaluate their Pokemon by the highest CP( Combat Power). Unfortunately the real number to concern with is a combination and is based on which Pokemon can obtain the highest overall CP. has a great tool to determine which Pokemon to keep and which to exchange for Candy Pokemon Rater Tool.

Niantic vs Map Hackers – Pokemon Go Map APIs Battle

Pokemon Go Map Niantic

Niantic vs Pokemon Go Map

The battle continues as Niantic currently has all Pokemon Go Map APIs blocked. In this battle Niantic is also hurting the game almost as much as the map hackers.  By making the nearby Pokemon nearby list of Pokemon buggy and incorrect for most players.  Pokemon Go players may lose the allure of searching for Pokemon if the search seems pointless.

With the Pokemon Go Map APIs getting close to being back online in the back and forth battle.  Maybe it is time Niantic should focus on improving the game rather than fighting with the Mapping API creator.  Yesterday’s update by Niantic took out some iOS users until they updated their app in the Niantic update to stop the Map Hackers.

The Hairy Truth about Hair

bad hair day

The hairy truth: Hair Stylists know things we just don’t

I don’t like to think of myself as the kind of person who would pay $30 to have her hair professionally blown dry, and yet, once you’ve paid $30 to have your hair professionally blown dry, or, worse yet, $39, if you count tips, you have to accept certain truths about yourself.

That’s right. Blown dry – not even cut.

Hummingbird Wars in Texas


Hummingbird Facts

Information About Hummingbirds. Yes, it is the annual battle of the hummingbirds here in north Texas. Late August through September brings swarms of migrating hummingbirds to the feeders, each hummingbird claiming a feeder of its own for few days before moving on down south. This time of year, my yard becomes a war zone between hummingbirds as well as against yellow jackets and bees!

12 Year Old Grace VanderWaal America’s Got Talent

Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal

Howie Mandel touched the golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent Season 11, and it was a very touching moment. Howie Mandel known for being a germaphobe that does not generally do physical contact, asked Grace VanderWaal for not one, but two hugs. Howie has been in therapy for many years and still has some work to do but has overcome most of his phobias, and his OCD is well controlled with medication.

The modern family is evolving: Have you considered adoption?

Reasons to adopt a child

Why adopt a child? There are many reasons to adopt a child. But understanding types of adoption and all of the adoption choices can be a lot to comprehend. This article is aimed at assisting you in understanding the best reasons to adopt a child.

Adoption Basics – Reasons to Adopt a Child

For Adoptive & Birth Parent Families

What do I have to do to adopt or place a child for adoption?

If you’re thinking about adopting you’ve already made the first step. There are many aspects of adoption and it is in your best interest to learn all you can. We recommend visiting our resources page for a head start. Informed decisions are always the best decisions. The following is a very brief outline of what to expect: