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LSU did not lose to Auburn They were Robbed

LSU Fournette Timeout
LSU was very sloppy with clock management on their final drive. The offense did not seem to be in a rush to get set, and get the ball snapped quickly. But the bottom line comes down to the officials not doing their job correctly, and the Auburn playclock operator milking the clock.
LSU Auburn

LSU Auburn

LSU was robbed by the officials/Auburn playclock operator. I am not talking about the review at the end of the game (which I also believe should not be reviewable if it was not called on the field. The catch yes, whether the ball was snapped no).
LSU Robbed

LSU Robbed

I am referring to the timeout taken with 1:50 left in the fourth quarter. You can see Fournette tap the official at about 1:47 after the official didn’t see the sideline calling timeout. The official then signaled for a timeout at 1:45 but the clock continued to run until 1:40. Those 5 seconds cost LSU the game.
The game should not be decided via replay review. If the touchdown can be nullified by the booth, because of an oversight by the officials on the field, why can’t this be reversed?

2016 All NBA Team Announced

All NBA Team

2016 All NBA team

It’s playoff time in the NBA for the 2015-2016 season. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a slight edge on the Toronto Raptors after a blowout game 5. And the Oklahoma City Thunder have a slight edge on the Golden State Warriors. Both the Eastern Conference finals and the Western Conference finals are 3 games to 2. Since we are now in the playoffs, and the NBA regular season is over, the 2016 All NBA team┬áhas been announced. Although I agree with a majority of the selections, I do wonder about some of the voting.