Pokemon Go Players – Learning which Pokemon to Keep – Pokemon IV

Pokemon IV

Pokemon Go players must read about Pokemon IV. Most Players evaluate their Pokemon by the highest CP( Combat Power). Unfortunately the real number to concern with is a combination and is based on which Pokemon can obtain the highest overall CP. Thesilphroad.com has a great tool to determine which Pokemon to keep and which to exchange for Candy Pokemon Rater Tool.

Each pokemon IV has on Individual Value (IV) distinct for each one you catch.  The Pokemon IV stats not provided by Niantic but can be determined based on the Stardust and Candy needed to Boost the Pokemon, the CP and the HP.   Knowing which Pokemon to keep based on the Individual Stats (IV) might be the biggest hidden secret in Pokemon Go.  As knowing which one has the highest potential allows you to Boost the correct Pokemon.

Boosting the wrong Pokemon might endanger your account as getting Candy for rare Pokemon and Stardust are two of the most difficult feats.   The higher the CP the higher that the Pokemon ranks at Gyms.   Staying at a gym earns you coins which can help you can use for a number of items including Poke Balls, Egg Incubator (probably the best investment with Pokecoins), Incense, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, Bag Upgrades, and Pokemon Storage upgrades.

The great question which I am researching is does the IV follow a Pokemon after Evolving.  So far the IV has shown to continue to rate them the same after Evolving the Pokemon.

The top tool available is out by PokeAdvisor.com.  This allows you to get a Google API key and pull stats live for all your Pokemon and sort them by IV instantly.  This will make the difference between a good Pokemon Trainer and excellent Pokemon Trainers.  Because if you use your Stardust and Candy to upgrade the lower IV Pokemon you will never be able to reach the higher CP numbers.

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    When will we be able to trade pokemon?

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