LSU did not lose to Auburn They were Robbed

LSU Fournette Timeout
LSU was very sloppy with clock management on their final drive. The offense did not seem to be in a rush to get set, and get the ball snapped quickly. But the bottom line comes down to the officials not doing their job correctly, and the Auburn playclock operator milking the clock.

LSU Auburn

LSU Auburn

LSU was robbed by the officials/Auburn playclock operator. I am not talking about the review at the end of the game (which I also believe should not be reviewable if it was not called on the field. The catch yes, whether the ball was snapped no).

LSU Robbed

LSU Robbed

I am referring to the timeout taken with 1:50 left in the fourth quarter. You can see Fournette tap the official at about 1:47 after the official didn’t see the sideline calling timeout. The official then signaled for a timeout at 1:45 but the clock continued to run until 1:40. Those 5 seconds cost LSU the game.

The game should not be decided via replay review. If the touchdown can be nullified by the booth, because of an oversight by the officials on the field, why can’t this be reversed?

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  1. CB says:

    Screw all the officials in the state of alabammer!!

  2. NickB says:

    wrong, and stupid. what about 50 other times in every single game when a TO isn’t called exactly at that moment? every game would have an extra 4 minutes is what you’d have….

    not to mention the RULE states that all scoring plays are reviewed IN THEIR ENTIRETY so all parts of the play must pass muster.If you snap the ball after the game is over, there is no play. I think that’s pretty important eh? LSU lost, blaming the officials is loser talk (especially when they get it right)

    • Charles Malloy says:

      How does the booth review “official time” (which is NOT scoreboard time)? (They can’t – official time is kept on the field, and time stopped at the end of the previous play.

  3. steve says:

    Yes. Just replayed it and you’re right about the clock continuing to run after time out called. But even more obvious was the pass play with 1:23 left in the game. The receiver got out of bounds and then the whistle blew and the official kept the clock running. 20 seconds wound off the clock before the next snap. The official blew it because the clock is suppose to stop after out of bounds.

  4. GeauxTigers18 says:

    I’m an LSU fan, but honestly, the right team won the game. Auburn ran over us for 4 quarters. We’re just lucky that those 6 field goals/1 failed 4th and down didn’t turn into 49 points for Auburn. We just need to learn from this, and not let it happen again. Overall, I’m glad we were able to keep it close, but it would not have been satisfying if we had robbed them like that. Sure, the officiating wasn’t great, but it wasn’t great for either side. It sucks, but the right team won. Geaux Tigers!

    • Charles Malloy says:

      Last checked, you had to actually score a TD by crossing the goal line by other than a kick between the uprights in order to be awarded 6 points, and Auburn never did that, not once, and red zone play matters, so I don’t know WTF you’re talking about here. LSU won the game, fair and square, before an improper review reversal.

      • John H says:

        Auburn didn’t score a touchdown but ravaged you between the 20s. They also scored more points during the allotted 60 minutes. If you had an extra minute you’d have won fair and square. However you didn’t. Time ran out. You lost. Get over it.

  5. Les Deserves to Stay says:

    You’re forgetting the two 10 second runoff penalties that weren’t called on the last two plays of the game that weren’t called.

    See scenario 3:

  6. geoff says:

    If you watch the clock during the entire LSU drive, it’s clear LSU was robbed, and they lost much more than 4 or 5 seconds.

  7. Bar says:

    The ref signaled at 1:43 left. They added those three seconds back to the clock. If you rewatch it the next play, the clock reads 1:43.

  8. Thats wright They were robbed the game should be revued by birgham and the game played over some point of time

  9. Charles Malloy says:

    Who is responsible for keeping “official time” (which is ordinarily, the time on the field), the field or the booth? The scoreboard time is NOT official time. When does the time resume or re-start after stoppage based on the previous play, on a whistle on the field or on the snap? Who controls the restart of time, field or booth. How does the booth measure or observe official time? The booth cannot. The play stands as called on the field, a touchdown.

  10. brad says:

    What happens in Alabama only happens in Alabama

  11. John H says:

    “WAHHHHHHH! I don’t understand the rules of college football, so I will just say Auburn cheated and blame my team’s failures on the refs instead of accepting reality!”

    I can’t take someone who claims to be a sportswriter if they don’t understand basic rules and don’t know the difference in “weather” and “whether” either. LoL… Deal with it. You lost. Nobody cheated. The refs got it right for a change. Move on.

    • BussYoJaw says:

      Yeah nobody cheated…nobody. When you lose to a nobody it will cost you the head coaching job.

      I saw this BS coming. Turning to my brother with 2 minutes left I commented that the boogers playing in Nose-Hare stadium can always count on some extra help. It’s the cult mentality that keeps that cesspool going. Boogs everywhere (which is literally dozens of people) are pulling the retractable stairs down and heading back into the attic to get their auburn gear back out of storage today…chests out, BS win under their belt, ignoring the fact that proximity to the throne is the ONLY relevance they have.

      Watching Gus act so smug is disgusting but I have to remember that this is just what was needed to keep him around. Black magic got him there and this is another example, but it can’t sustain. Dynasties cast huge shadows where frail, ginger booger eaters can hide and pretend to matter.

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