Niantic vs Map Hackers – Pokemon Go Map APIs Battle

Pokemon Go Map Niantic

Niantic vs Pokemon Go Map

The battle continues as Niantic currently has all Pokemon Go Map APIs blocked. In this battle Niantic is also hurting the game almost as much as the map hackers.  By making the nearby Pokemon nearby list of Pokemon buggy and incorrect for most players.  Pokemon Go players may lose the allure of searching for Pokemon if the search seems pointless.

With the Pokemon Go Map APIs getting close to being back online in the back and forth battle.  Maybe it is time Niantic should focus on improving the game rather than fighting with the Mapping API creator.  Yesterday’s update by Niantic took out some iOS users until they updated their app in the Niantic update to stop the Map Hackers.

Niantic is trying to keep the mystic of the game, but also entice the player to explore their neighborhood in search of Pokemon.   They started with the 3 step meter to which Pokemon was closest.  Since replaced it with a simpler display of 3 nearby Pokemon which is expandable to 9 by clicking.

Niantic stopped the Pokemon Go Map API hackers with an “unknown6” variable it seems.  The variable “unknown6” as it’s called has been generated since the beginning.  But now the values are being used to detect if the login is a real player or an API mapping the Pokemon locations.  Allowing Niantic to not respond to requests without a proper variable in the unknown6 field.

The Mapping tools give a significant advantage allowing a player to find the rare Pokemon by visiting a certain GPS location.  This as opposed to searching a square mile within 12 minutes to find a possible rare Pokemon.   Some of the tools run on your phone and some compute maps on your computer.   With Pokemon Go still in it’s infancy this seems to be a story to continue monitoring the back and forth battle to map out the locations as finding the rare Pokemon can greatly increase your odds of being a legendary Pokemon Go Trainer.

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