Roller Coaster Stops Safely at Six Flags Over Texas Arlington

New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster at Six Flags Over Texas Arlington

Roller Coaster Stops Safely at Six Flags Over Texas Arlington

How sensational does that sound? Well it happens to be the truth. Unlike many of the articles posted about this incident at Six Flags Over Texas Arlington, that claim the roller coaster ride was stuck.

Stuck being used as a buzz word to catch the readers eye, and inviting their curiosity to investigate further. The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster – formerly known as The Shockwave Roller Coaster was stopped intentionally about 11:00 a.m. at a safe place on the tracks, because a sensor notified theme park officials that there was a possible problem with the Shockwave Coaster.

This new roller coaster is supposedly one of the best roller coasters. The shockwave ride was stopped intentionally on the tracks during the roller coaster’s initial ascent. There were about 12 people on the rollercoaster at the time of the safety stop on Friday morning. Andrew Cook was one of the passengers in a roller coaster car, at the time, and shared photos on Twitter of himself stuck on the 6 flags roller coaster.

While the potential safety issue was investigated, six flags of texas park employees brought water to the stranded riders. At 11:25 a.m. all passengers were escorted down an emergency ramp back to the staging area. The roller coaster was then shut down for an inspection. The ride was then tested for a few hours without passengers and reopened to park visitors on Friday afternoon.

I am sure that this may have been a scary situation for the passengers. But if they were on the ride in the first place, I am sure the walk down the stairs was nothing compared to the actual ride on the roller coaster itself. But this situation was far from as sensational as the main stream media tried to make it sound. This happens to six flags roller coasters across the country daily, and I am sure other theme parks as well, not just on six flags rides.

After seeing a post on Facebook, and seeing the top three headlines on google search, I expected to read an article about a roller coaster that was stuck upside down. Expecting the fire department to be assisting with the extraction of passengers.

  • Roller Coaster Stuck on Tracks at Six Flags Over Texas” NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Riders get stuck on Six Flags over Texas rollercoaster” FOX 4 News
  • Six Flags roller coaster stuck on tracks in North Texas”

Roller Coaster Facts

It sure seems there are a lot of “stuck” or derailed rides making the news recently. Are these amusement park attractions actually stuck? Or does the mainstream media make it seem so in most of these situations?

Silver Bullet Frontier City

Silver Bullet Frontier City

On Wednesday June 29th, 8 people were escorted off a “stuck” roller coaster at Frontier City in Oklahoma. The Silver Bullet roller coaster at Frontier City stalled about 100 feet from the ground, and in this case the fire department was needed to evacuate some of the passengers. I would agree that this roller coaster was stuck. But was the Six Flags Over Texas Arlington Roller Coaster really stuck?

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